About Us


Amjem Capital is a full-service investment firm which closely monitors the economy over time in order to capitalize on the fluctuation of markets.


Our firm was initially established in 2004 as a real estate brokerage firm. Starting in 2008, and, as a result of the real estate market crash, Amjem Capital has expanded into different sectors of the economy such as mining and trading. Today, we explore ventures in all sectors of the economy.


Based out of Aventura, Florida Amjem Capital has expanded to California and throughout the United States. Through our worldwide connections, we have maximized advancements in technology and telecommunications. This has enabled us to have a global reach.


Driven by sophisticated technology and connections throughout the world, Amjem Capital has become one of the fastest growing investments companies in Florida. With an eye toward the future of real estate, Amjem Capital will continue to develop better ways to serve our clients and the industry.


For Further Information on Amjem Capital, please refer to our contact page.